Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kim in Brian Lichtenberg

Kim's dress is by Brian Lichtenberg which will be available at Diavolina soon, her clutch is by Alexander Wang.

Thanks again Brian for the beautiful dresses you sent me! To view more of Brian's amazing collection check it out at Brian


  1. hi! can you let us know who made kourtney's dress this same night? The black one with the silk shoulders and silk lines going down the sides. thanks!

  2. I love most of your work on the Daily 10. The skirts and tops combo on Catt Sadler are cool and sexy majority of the time.

    I really hope you put her in more blazers, leggings, loose tops and scarves like you do with Kim K's everyday wear.

    I think your best work to date is the styling you did in styleq. I loved all the outrageous, eclectic, punk, cool, stylish and trendy cardigans, leggings, Balmain esque tops, bubble cupcake skirts and mega accessories you used. Even the fur was awesome.

    I hope you style Catt Sadler in the way you style Kim K witht he leggings and blazers, and I hope you style Catt Sadler in the same way you styled the model on styleq.

  3. Stunning dress! Is this from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection?