Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Love The Rain!

I love the Rain!! Yesterday my assistants Madison, Adriana and I took a break from work to have some fun in the rain.

Apparently Madison had skills I didn't know about!

Adriana and I both bought the Aldo Cassetty boots! They are SO comfy!
Who wore them better?

Vintage sweater from What Goes Around Comes Around,
Black oversized tank by Geren Ford,
LnA leggings,
Aldo "Cassetty" boots,
All vintage jewelry,
I Love my new Copious glasses Dita just sent over to me! Whoohooo! They are dark purple. You can't tell but they are so different from anything I have which I love.


  1. the boots look great on both of you! i'm really falling for them! thanks!

  2. I love posts like this monica! It's nice to get to see your personal style in addition to your clients.

  3. I looovvvveeeee your sweater. And the boots look good on both of you but they definitely stand out more with your outfit. Anyway, thanks for the post and you didn't look yucky ;)

  4. Oh my, that sweater is amazing!!! My vote is for you! duh :)

    Now, I'm heading over to Aldo...

  5. Monica! I love when you do posts with your own personal style! Seeing you all in front of the E! building makes me miss it! XO

  6. FAB look! Monica I'm such a fan of this blog, I tell all my stylista's in DC/MD about it..
    P.S. I just ordered those Aldo boots :)

  7. you are way too cute! vintage sweater is amazing and i think i need those boots!

    ps - was madison captain of cheer in oklahoma or what? those are some mad skills!

  8. I love the boots! Think I may get a pair myself darling!!


  9. Obsessed over these boots!! Can't wait to scoop them up!!

  10. Just bought the, so amazing!! Love them and don't ever want to take them off...would that be weird?! ha!!

  11. Absolutely LOVE this post!
    Those boots are so cute on you :)

  12. you are adorable!!.. those boots look good on ya. ;)

  13. Hey girly, you look so hot in those boots! I'm wondering how tall are you if you don't mind me asking? I'n 5'4 and I don't know if the boots will ride up overly high! Thanks in advance!!

    Love, Adeliet