Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Coco Denim Leggings

Denim leggings are one of the hottest trends in denim right now. 7 for all man kind has jumped on this trend with the Coco leggings. They look like a jean, but they're made from a soft, gummy denim so they're super comfortable like a legging. I love using them on my clients. Kim, Khloe and Catt all have a pair and they love to wear them. They're not available until Spring 2010 so until then we'll all just have to add them to our wish list.

The cool part about these leggings is that my assistant Madison's husband, Cory Guest designed them. She was wearing the sample for so long and I was jealous because I wanted a pair for the girls and I had to wait!


  1. I love 7's -- they hug my curves so well. I'll have to get a pair of these denim leggings.

  2. I know that H&M has denim leggings.. nice and affordable. =0)

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  4. loveee those leggings! i want a pair!

  5. These are so hot. Must have a pair!

  6. she's georgous !
    love your blog

    xx cheeky girl

  7. I love the Jeggings trend, however those I've seen so far (dept stores) they are too tight after the calves thru the ankles so they have jean stitching but a tight ankle leggings fit (no-no).
    Those Kim has on in the pic look like the perfect fit. I can't wait to get 'em.