Monday, February 7, 2011

Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl commercial

I had the pleasure of working with the talented director Chris Applebaum again, for Kim's Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl Commercial. I have to say prepping for this was a little harder then prepping for a fashion shoot. It had to be an interesting top, not just your basic boring sports bra. I had to show as much skin as possible with out it being overly sexy. You would think the basic and simple looks are easy to style, but they are actually the hardest looks for me to work on. Overall, I thought the commercial turned out amazing!!! Kim looked absolutely gorgeous. I have to thank my wonderful assistant Noel Jean for helping me on this job. I was feeling under the weather the day of this shoot and she helped me pull through. What do you guys think of the commercial?


  1. I loved it! I thought she looked great. And I totally want to go out and buy a pair of Shape-Ups. :]

  2. So funny, when I saw that add and I wondered if you styled it. That exercise bra/top was awesome! Who makes it?!

  3. Who made the sports bra and shorts Kim wore in the commercial? Can't find it anywhere