Monday, February 7, 2011

Mindy Kaling SAG Awards

I recently worked with the talented Mindy Kaling, actress, comedian, writer and producer who plays Kelly Kapoor on the NBC sitcom The Office. Mindy was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. I really wanted to make her look and feel her best. We decided to go with this beautifully draped gown by Tadashi Shoji, I added the belt to sinch her waist, paired it with Stella McCartney shoes, and finished off the look with Bavna jewelry. I have other exciting projects I will be working on with Mindy. I cannot wait to share with you all! What do you guys think of Mindy's look for the SAG Awards?


  1. Hi Monica! Long time fan of your work. First time commentator.

    Regarding Mindy at the SAG awards. . .you did a bang up job overall. :-)

    I love Mindy's acting/work and I think she is adorable and (thankfully) an "unusual" look for a hollywood actress. That being said, she really needed your help. Mindy usually doesn't look this sophisticated or chic.

    After saying all that positive stuff. . .I hate to be nit-picky (what with the major change you've made in her appearance), but the belt you added to the dress doesn't really work. I love the belt itself, but there seems to be some sort of gathering/seaming at the waist that is poking out under the belt. Either the dress needed to be fitted really well so the belt wouldn't be needed or the gathered/tucked seaming needed to go under a wider belt so it wouldn't be visible. Also her hair could be better. Not your balliwick I know, but it is just kinda hanging there not doing much. The hair doesn't conflict to much with the dress, but it doesn't really add to the overall look either. I see that you were going for the tonal look with the accessories, but you always pick such great handbags and jewelry for the Kardashian girls, I think you could have done something a bit more impactful for Mindy.

    Still all in all she is looking great and it seems to be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship for you. Kuddos and Praise all around!!!

  2. Huge improvement for her! Thank goodness she found you, you did a great job.

  3. She looks so beautiful!

    Love the whole look. Her hair & makeup is on point!

    xo Nicole

  4. Monica, I too am a huge fan of your work. I actually love the look of this modern, furturistic belt with a really romantic dress. I only wish the accessories continued to build on the overall look. A statement ring, or a shoulder grazing earring would have really set this look off. Can't wait to see the other looks you have in store for Mindy!

  5. The Blendeds, no disrespect girl, but you are totally nuts.

    Mindy looks stunning. Monica, you did an amazing job. What's so great about it is that even though Mindy's a curvy ethnic girl (a type you've proven to be able to style excellently) she doesn't look like a replica of Kourtney, Kim or Khloe.

    Where I disagree with The Blendeds is here: the belt MAKES the dress. It's so unusual to see on a red carpet. It's a flowy, breezy dress, and the contrast with the belt is what makes this edgier and younger, and very "Mindy".

    Her accessories are understated and the impact as the color of the dress, which fits her perfectly. When I saw her on TV my boyfriend said she looked like a "hot Indian Statue of Liberty". It's true.

    I loved Mindy from the show and also her fashion and shopping blog she no longer updates. I of course have loved you from your work with the Kardashians. The fact that you two met...BAM! What a meeting of two favorites.

    I'm so excited to see you work together again!

  6. Love you, love the outfit, and love Mindy!!!

  7. When I saw her I said, thank goodness, someone got their hands on her. I think she's adorable and she looks great in that outfit..can't wait to check out her next outfits...BTW Monica you rock!

  8. I didn't even know Mindy had those curves! She looks so pretty, that color compliments her skin tone well. Great job all around, congrats on your new endeavors Monica. Excited to see more:-)

    Sicely Parris

  9. love this. She looks amazing.

  10. one of her best looks are truly and artist and hope that someday i can afford you ;)

  11. WOW she has never looked better! gorgeous gown!

  12. NEKO SAID: The Blendeds, no disrespect girl, but you are totally nuts...Where I disagree with The Blendeds is here: the belt MAKES the dress. It's so unusual to see on a red carpet. It's a flowy, breezy dress, and the contrast with the belt is what makes this edgier and younger, and very "Mindy".

    THE BLENDEDS RESPONDED: No offense taken! :-) But just to clarify my point. . .

    I actually REALLY like the belt! To your point NEKO, it is a great contrast with the flowy dress. What I don't like is how the belt and the gather/tucking are kinda conflicting with each other. I feel it would have been better if it was less noticeable that the belt didn't cover that gather/pucker seam thingy. Either way this is the best Mindy has looked . . .EVER!

  13. I have been trying to find a belt like it since, anyone have any idea where I can find one please?!