Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Baby Shower

This past weekend Kim, Khloe and Kourtney threw me a baby shower at Ketchup in West Hollywood! Yes I am preggers and expecting a baby girl :) I am so excited I am having a girl! I am going to have my own little doll to dress!
It was the perfect baby shower and I finally got to catch up with friends I never get to see due to my busy schedule. The shower was amazing and I cannot thank the girls enough for such a perfect night! Here are some pics from the evening! enjoy!

Kim arriving stylish as always. She is wearing:
Gripp Blazer
Elizabeth and James top
Necklace by Nugaard
Leather pants by Robbin
Pierre Hardy snake booties

Thanks you Kim for my Balenciaga diaper bag!!! xoxo

Khloe is wearing:
A.L.C dress
Madiosn Marcus black leather jacket
Fendi clutch and her shoes are by YSL.

My boyfriend Sal and I are thrilled to be having a baby! We are excited for this new chapter in our lives!

My girlfriend Gloria came all the way from NYC and my bf Xochitl! We have been friends since the 7th grade

Madison my assistant, Brandy from Intermix and Geri from Because I'm
holding the beautiful center pieces the girls made for me! They
look like my bridesmaids! Lol

My beautiful mother!

Lynna showing off her new Spring colors and her amazing Marni

Jen Searle, Jen Budner and Tara Jane

Kourtney and Lisa Zimitti make up artist for Daily 10!

Putting my shoes back on. My feet were killing me. I don't know what I was thinking wearing heels!

Denise Shaw one of the stylist for E! news touching my belly! She just had a baby girl too :)

My BF grace rocking her new Alexander Wang Coco Duffel
from Shopbop.

Lynna one of my bf's and make up artist for D10. How amazing are her Mason trousers?

Pansy and I from H&M. I was dying over her H&M red jacket! Size 2 please!

Lauren Ross, Catt Sadler and Jamie Bakos hair stylist for D10!

Now to think of a baby name!!! Hmmmm any thoughts? Baby Rose?


  1. Nice! You look great preggers! Looked like a lovely shower! I like Rose!

  2. so much fun! i cant wait to meet her! xo

  3. Congratulations!

    Best Wishes,

  4. Congratulations Monica! I'm sure your baby girl will be just as beautiful and stylish as you. Please do a post on your fabulous hair - how do you get it so shiny? And do you color it at all?

  5. congratulations on your baby girl!!!!!!
    i named my puppy sophia rose loren.

    i vote for the name SOPHIE ROSE!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats, Monica! Wish you all the best! :)

  7. Congrats on your baby girl! You look beautiful! How about Ava Rose? Or Sydney Rose?

  8. What! That was your baby shower I kept hearing about lol? I had no idea you were pregnant. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you. Your little girl is so lucky to have a stylish mom.

  9. You look adorable! Congratulations! Its going to be so much fun picking out baby names.

  10. Congratulations Monica!!! Im sure ur daughter is gonna be the best dressed child in LA!hahah
    I always keep up with ur blog, and i love to see how u put together looks for Kim,khloe and kourt!
    U have done and amazing job, i love their styles, their are so diferent from each other, but still chic.
    xoxo from brasil

  11. congrats lovely! You look so cute preggers! you are one loved lady xo Thanks for sharing

  12. Monica!
    Hii! Long time no see! Just saw the news! Wow, sooooo happy and excited for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Can't wait for her to arrive, you will be an amazing mother! Wish you all the best in the world in this new chapter in your life. You look gorgeous & you have this amazing glow! best of luck!!!!! XOXO

    Miss you and Madison!
    (jadenes friend)

  13. congrats! :)
    Khloe looks amazing in that dress!

  14. Congratulations! I follow your blog and I admire your work so much! You truly are my inspiration and the reason why I am going to follow my dream of working in fashion. You look beautiful and how exciting a baby girl I think you should name her Alexandra Belle Rose!

  15. Congads!!!! I know baby will be stylish as ever :)

  16. congratulations! i saw your twitter abt the shower and was hoping you'd do a post on it :) you look so glowingly beautiful! All of your friends are so stylish too, i love it. Best wishes to you and your fam! xo

  17. omg congratulations mama!!! bestwishes to you with everything ;)

  18. aw how exciting! congratulations, your daughter is going to be the most stylish girl in the world <3

  19. Best wishes for you and your baby...
    I would LOVE to know what pants Kourtney K is wearing..

  20. where is your necklace from?

  21. This is awesome, Congrats to you!!!, I've been a subscriber for a couple of months now and I love your blog. I'm also pregnant, 20 weeks and am delighted. That was a fun shower. Pls. check out my blog: Good luck and take care.


  22. aww looks like fun! you looks so cute too!

    baby names, baby names.
    i love the name Rana.(pronounced, raah-na)it means princess in urdu, beautiful to look at in arabic, and queen in irish. (loveee thatt haha)
    also...kynda, mera, aziza, talia.

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