Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Nail Polish Trends For Fall

There is one thing my clients ask me once a week and that is "what color should I paint my nails?"
It is actually important that their nails coordinate with the wardrobe choices we have planned for the week.
I was into hot pink a few months back but after previewing the FAB clothing that is coming out for fall, I can't help but to think ahead. These are some great new nail polish trends to look out for.
It's all about metallic shades, dip-dyed tips and matte nail polish. Just remember to skip the top coat!

On nails: OPI Matte Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy, $8.50. Also try: Knock Out Cosmetics Flatte Nail Polish in OX, $19.


  1. That blue shade is AMAZING!

  2. What are the polishes for the last two pictures?

  3. i would love to try out the blue!

  4. wow - I heard of the OPI matte collection but I didnt know how it would look - I love it! no top coat though, eh? Kinda weird but will try!

  5. Honey in NY dose the Metallic nailz, HoneyBunnieKat.com.
    nailz@honeybunniekat.com. Give her a shout she's great.

    NYC Lovie

  6. Is it no longer in style to wear shiny top coat???

  7. Hi there! Where can I get the crome look? is it a polish or stick on? I have been looking everywhere! help!