Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look Of The Day

Vouge Paris August 2009 Issue.

via: Fashion Copious


  1. Hi, I'm just a huge fan of you work, you are faboulous... I love kim style, you are doing an amanzing job. I'm very inspired by everything. I really wanna work as a stylist some day. I'm from Brazil, but I just spent 4 months in LA. I am a fashion student here and I also have a blog, but in portuguese! hehe... I'm gonna do a post talking about your blog and work... Continue doing this!!
    Juliana Morais

  2. Your blog has really opened my eyes to new and exciting forms of fashion, i am always doing online research, looking at look books just becasue it interest me. I dont think i could put the look together but seeing all your creativity is AMAZING. Im drooling over all the blazers, tanks, leggings and STUDDED everything. It's FABULOUS!
    This was my first visit to your blog & it deffinatly wont be my last.