Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Show me the Oscars viewing party!

Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting an Oscar viewing party at the W LA with Kate Mulling from Refinery 29 and my dear friend Geri Hirsch from because I'm addicted! It was a very exciting night for Geri, as she was debuting her commercial for JC Penny's. She looked adorable in it! Have you guys seen it yet??? Special thanks to Bliss, Glam Glow and Jouer cosmetics for pampering our guest. Here are some photos from the evening!

I am wearing a dress by Giambattista Valli, vintage rope belt and boots by Lovers + Friends

Photos: Louis Delavenne/Revolutionpix


  1. looked like so much fun and you and and geri look great in these pics!! can't wait to see her commercial!

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  2. i was just wondering if any of your friends have blogs or sites especially the one in the animal print scarf and tan jacket with the high ponytail. she is so fab.

    I love your blog

    xoxo Kasey Karma

  3. You have the most gorgeous cheekbones EVER!

  4. Aww Monica you look so cute as usual! I love your hair pulled up high in a bun like that! ;) I wish I could've made it! It was my moms bday!