Friday, April 9, 2010

My Interview on Fashion Indie

I have been such a fan of for quite sometime now. It's one of my favorite sites so it was really cool when they contacted me for a interview! Check it out below :)

Monica Rose is famous for being the Kardashians personal stylist. In this exclusive interview, Monica gives us advices on how to succeed in the fashion industry, tells us about her current projects, and of course, talks about Kim.

Click to view my interview.

Thank you Annabelle! xo


  1. Everyone lovess youuu ♥ [=

  2. Monica, you seem so freakin sweet. Cool interview :)


  3. thanks for sharing...and even though you are super busy im so glad you are still taking time to blog for us xoox

  4. GREAT article!! I am SO glad you dedicate time out of your super busy schedule to continue doing your blog!! It's a must see for me!! I am not too fashion forward, but your blog is consistent with providing the lastest trends and where to find them!! You are a God send!! Thanks again... xoxo

  5. Most Amazing Stylist Ever .... love love love you!