Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage Swap Party!

WGACA (What Goes Around Comes Around) had a amazing vintage swap, where stylish ladies from around L.A got to trade vintage! It was so much fun!

I was a co-host, along with Alexi Wasser of and my girl Geri Hirsch of

The girls waiting in line to get their clothes graded for the swap.

Nice outfit

The girl with the Chanel purse scored on my vintage navy wool blazer.

Me with Alexi Wasser of

My boyfriend Sal and my assistant Madison came out to support. :)

Grace always working hard

Me and my girl Geri from

Alexi scored my zebra print top with shoulder pads.

Getting my shop on.

I wish I saw these boots first!

Geri is wearing a vintage jacket and t-shirt, Zara leggings, Michael Kors watch and grey YSL heels. I am wearing a vintage tee I scored at the swap, a vintage necklace, vintage faux fur vest, Forever 21 leggings -$4.99 and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell booties and yes I bought the Alexander Wang black leather Diego bucket Bag. I had too!

these are my vintage swaps I brought from my closet

Check out my swaps. I got this vintage Corona t-shirt that I turned inside out and this brown purse with a long strap.

This is my BF Grace. Check out the rad poncho she got at the Rosebowl swap meet in Pasadena. I told her i'm gonna steal it from her soon. Grace is also the one who put this amazing event together and did a fabulous job as always!!! It was a great turnout and thanks to everyone who turned out to swap their vintage goods!

Photography by: Rick Rodney


  1. Looks like a great event! Love the inside glimpse with all your lovely photos.

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  2. I'm definitely going to the next one!

  3. i love those black suede boots too!

  4. love when you post personal pics! looks like a great event!!

  5. I had such a great time at the swap (and I managed to jack Alexi for that shirt, too). Great meeting you!! =D

  6. these are fab! Loving those suede boots and that girl's whole outfit! Even more, I love her hair & boy crazy's cut! Was wondering if you'd like to help- I'm creating a world wide hair stylist directory...would love your input and if you'd like to pass it on to your friends, I would really appreciate it! Going to compile a list of the best hair stylists as recommended by bloggers across the world, then put as a permanent feature on my blog!


    Pass it on!

  7. awesome awesome idea. hopefully this will be a periodic on going event so I can get in on the swap! 8:)


  8. aw i know Grace too! such a sweetheart. looks like such a great event! def. need to go to the next one!

  9. Great pics, wish I was there, looks like there were some really great finds! LOVE your vest

  10. Looks like you guys hadfun and looked cute doing it!!

    check out:


  11. Fab photos , it looks so much fun!

  12. aw wish i was couldve attended and meet theE monica rose! u are super prettttty! and aw i would love to be ur assistant, bet i can learn a lot ;) ahh my dream job-styling.


  13. I think I scored your blazer! I should have said hi but was kinda scared to! I will if I see you at the next swap :)