Monday, November 23, 2009

Kim In Miami

Kim in Miami wearing a Alexander Wang dress, YSL booties and her purse is by Genevieve Jones.

Check out some of Genevieve Jones other cool purses and accessories she designs. Below are some of my favs. You can find stores near you that carry Genevieve Jones on her website where you can purchase her collection. We got this purse Kim is carrying at Diavolina in LA.


  1. Love her, you keep her looking fabulous.

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  3. do you have a link where i can buy that a wang dress? thanks.

  4. OMG Genevieve Jones the socialite! I heard she was coming out with some thing...good for her!

  5. hey-
    can you pretty please do a look for less post on this dress? ive been obsessed with it forever but there is no way i can afford it :( any similar suggestions?

    i love this bloggg