Monday, June 10, 2013

My baby Girl

Alaia @ Revolve Clothing headquarters #workdaywithmama

Jacket: 77 kids // Boots: Zara Kids // Tee: American Apparel // Skirt: H&M

Alaia rocking her friend Luciano Knight's tee . He just turned 3 :)))

Tee: Lucian Knight // pants: Zara Kids // loafers: Venettini // Bag: Balenciaga

All wardrobe Zara Kids // Bag: Celine 

Dress: Zara Kids // boots: Zara Kids // Bag: Givenchy Micro Nightingale

Army harem pants: Zara Kids (boys section) // Jacket: 77 kids // Sweater: Zara Kids // Bag: Celine
All wardrobe Zara Kids // Vintage fringe bag

Best idea everrrr!!! Thanks Trader Joes for the mini carts

Photos Via @MonicaRoseStyle Instagram


  1. she is soooo cute! really adorable :) xx

  2. I absolutely adore your style devoid of nauseous rufflemania, sparkled and lace overload. The glamorous tomboy style is so endearing, fresh and sophisticated! We had a blast with Zara camo pants featuring them in glam sweatpants selection and sure we own a pair too! :) We promoted bold striped pants raiding girls' department at NEXT. So glad to have found you! We are being asked all the time to recommend a blog in Boys Be Cool style and now we've found you! YAY!

  3. your daughter is super cute and stylish!! well done, Mom! :)