Saturday, June 9, 2012

Refinery 29 & Guess: The Guess Generation

Super Stylist Monica Rose Is Psyched For The Return Of Jellies

Believe it or not, it’s been 30 years — an entire generation — since GUESS’ original, three-zip Marilyn jean put their mark on fashion forever. To celebrate, the brand is going back to its roots with a new campaign featuring the star of its classic ads, Claudia Schiffer, and releasing a limited-edition line of updates on their iconic pieces. To join in the festivities, we snapped 30 of our favorite fashionable friends wearing the vintage-inspired 30th anniversary collection and asked them what GUESS means to them. Thirty women, 30 days, 30 sexy years of GUESS.

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Name: Monica Rose

Ten-Second Bio: One of Hollywood's most respected stylists, Monica Rose has spent the last nine years dressing some of world’s most high-profile celebrities.

Favorite ‘80s memory: "Watching MTV music videos all day, my acid-washed jeans, my mother's amazing asymmetrical haircut, Madonna's style, and John Hughes movies."


Favorite GUESS memory: "Skinny jeans in every color with the zippers on the side and the GUESS label on the right pocket. If you didn't have a pair, you were so not cool."

Favorite returning ‘80s fashion trend: "Tribal prints, neon colors, stacked bracelets, and jelly shoes."

30 YR Retro Tee, $39, available at Guess. 

I was honored when Refinery 29 and Guess ask me to be a part of the Guess Generation: Celebrating 30 Years of Style. I have so many memories of wearing Guess growing up! One of my fondest childhood memories, was when I was riding a skateboard down a steep heel and fell off going full speed. My mom had just bought me a new pair of Guess jeans, and they were now completely ripped at the knees. I couldn't stop crying and tried to tape them back together. I cared more about my new Guess jeans then my scraped up face. I went to school wearing them because I still wanted to be cool and wear my new Guess jeans and I somehow convinced all my friends to cut there jeans and rip them cause it was cool. The next day at school, all the girls came to school with ripped jeans. I was only in the the 4th grade starting trends and I didn't even know it? That is one Guess moment I will never forget.

Thanks again to Refinery 29 and Guess for the feature! Xoxo

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