Tuesday, January 10, 2012

behind the scenes: WMB 3D Issue 2: Warehouse Wonderland

Rachel Roy dress

Rachel Roy dress

Alaia shoes

Fact: I am a CRAZY perfectionist 

My BF Grace assisted me for this shoot! 

Model Aryn Livingston waiting for her next shot


  1. OMG accessories!!!!!! I love! and the model is amazing too..

  2. Hi Monica,
    I truly love your style and I love your work with your celeb clients. I think you have a gift in the way you see their bodies and always seem to be able to find the most flattering pieces to each of their body types. Not everybody can do that as well as you do.
    I wanted to ask you what is the brand of that skeleton cuff you have on your accessories table. I've seen it in several pictures and I love it. Much appreciated for the info you can provide on the brand.
    Thanks for creating the blog and sharing your work and inspirations with us!