Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surprise Somtimes Will Come Around

My best friend Grace just launched a blog "Surprise somtimes will come around" so you all have to check it out. It's pretty amazing and it's one of my go to blogs every morning.

Check out out Q & A she did on me. I was honored to be the first interview on her blog. Get to know me a little better!

I take a cue from certain people i know - part 1: MONICA ROSE

Here is a photo of Grace finding an AMAZING $10 cape at the flea market. I will steal it from her very soon. LOL!


  1. Great Q&A!...btw I know you style Catt Sadler and I just heard the show is getting cancelled. I'm so sad/upset! Please let me know how this could have happened!


  2. I LOVE YOU MONICA!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I ♥ Grace! I've known her for about 5 years now and she's a doll! SO happy she stared a blog too! That cape is to die for.