Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Personal Style

I thought this was so cute! Morgan Lyn from did a post on my personal style.

I seriously don't know where she found these pics and I haven't even seen some of them until now. Thanks Morgan for the post! XoXo


  1. I love Morgan's blog! She has amazing style.

  2. Thank you so much Monica! For the post as well as the comment on my blog. I love your blog and your work, you are an amazing stylist!

    ps my link is actually with just 1 N! :)

  3. You are adorable, love your style!

  4. that's super cute...i know i be tryna see if i can catch you anywhere on the KKs show...hehe im sure i will only see more of miss monicarose ;)

  5. I would actually love to see much more of your personal style. Maybe outfits of the day or something like that!