Monday, August 31, 2009

Kim's acid wash Jacket!

I just ordered this cool jacket and skirt from You will start to see Kim in a ton of cool vintage pieces I ordered from Sophia at Nasty Gal. Thanks girl!!!

Kim's tank is by Corey Lynn Calter, shoes by Gucci, glasses by Benjamin and her bag is by Balenciaga.

Don't forget to pop your collar!!!


  1. I LOVE her outfit!

  2. She definitely gives me the courage to start wearing my jean jackets again. HAHA

    Monica! Question. I was reading about Kim and Kourtney making milkshakes. Kim's boots are so rad. Do you know what brand they are? Grazie!

  3. Denim jacket! :) They're so versatile!


  4. Love the outfit, it's a mix of everything good!

  5. OMG where did you get her SKIRT & BELT from? Love love love it! It's what makes this outfit sooo FAB! Pleast let us know woman! =)
    Thank you for all the styling tips. I can finallyyyy dust off my old denim jacket & make it stylin' again. You are simply amazinggg Monica!