Thursday, October 18, 2012

In case you wondering...

 denim shirt: J Crew // skirt: Marlene Birger // gold cuff: Celine // shoes: Tom Ford

Knit Tunic: Celine // bag, sunglasses & bracelet: Celine // boot Givenchy 

blouse: Acne // skirt: Eva Franco // shoes Tom Ford

YES we still work together!!! I was not fired LOL



  1. the way kim dresses is like my Mom! haha. I love it. Im obsessed with the both of them. lol fashion role model!!!

  2. I miss these days when Kim looked classy and well styled! these days she's either wearing something too revealing or ill fitting!
    Thanks a lot for the good memories :)

  3. I miss Kim's old style too. It fit her. This new one doesnt. I hope you guys work together way more. You're so much better at styling her