Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Hot Hairstyles To Rock In L.A.

I love this post Refinery 29 did on hair trends!

How to get the perfect modern bob:
1. Do: Make sure to ask your stylist to keep the bangs and the ends of the hair blunt. Only use layers to take out weight if your hair is extremely thick.
2. Do: Get a Brazilian blow-dry first if your hair is unruly and don't forget to use a flatiron to gently bend the ends in. It helps to frame the face.
3. Do: Keep the length below the chin. That's the main thing that makes this bob a chic seventies throwback and a bad mom bob.
4. Don't: Forget to go in between haircuts your stylists for a fresh bang trim. It keeps the 'do looking fresh and most stylists don't charge for it.

Love this Seventies bob inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. It's a great way to update your hair this fall season! I personally don't have the guts to cut my hair that short, but I admire anyone who can commit to this hair style. So chic!

How to nail fall's messy bun:
1. Do: If you have frizzy hair, make sure to put a pea size drop of Moroccan Oil Styling Cream in your hair before twisting the knot. You don't want to have too much texture.
2. Do: Use large French hairpins. They are by far the easiest to disguise.
3. Don't: Get too much height happening. It could end up looking like Dr. Seuss.

This is my favorite everyday look! I never have time to do my hair, so I usually throw it up in a bun. When I do find them time, I get a blow dry from my amazing hair stylist Melissa Brown over at Byron & Tarcey.

VIA:Refinery 29

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