Friday, September 25, 2009

Kim's Fashion Emergency at the Emmy's

I am sure you have all heard about Kim’s wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmys. It is seriously every stylist's worst nightmare. That damn zipper!!! It happened to me last year at the Oscars and 2 years ago at the Emmys and I wanted to die every time. So it was no surprise to me when Kim called me freaking out because her zipper broke and the dress was ripped on the whole right side. I told her to keep it on and I was just going to sew it on her. When she arrived at the Emmys the producers were rushing me to hurry up and kept knocking on our door. What I thought would only take 10 minutes to sew took 30 minutes.

I was trying not to panic while I was sewing. My hands were shaking and I cut myself with the needle and noticed I got a little bit of blood on Kim’s white dress! Then I started freaking out and sweating like crazy because it was 180 degrees outside. I mean the pressure and stress we have on us can be crazy. Luckily there was another stylist next door that came over to help me sew Kim in her dress. I was giving her direction on what to do while Kim was taking pictures of the whole fiasco to put on her twitter. It was actually quite funny. We missed the opening of Live On The Red Carpet for E! but at least she did not miss the Red Carpet! Aaahhh the life of a stylist you never know what the hell is going to happen so always be prepared! Next time I will definately have a tailor on set.


  1. Monica you're a superhero, that is a crazy situation!

  2. Everything worked out in the end! At least she didn't miss the Red Carpet!=)