Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eric Sakas: Vapour Organic Beauty

I wanted to introduce you all to a new makeup and skin care line called Vapour Organic Beauty that feels incredible on the skin. It makes you look completely polished and beautiful in literally 5 minutes. The secret is their unique delivery system which suspends pure mineral pigments in an organic botanical base so that the color rolls and glides over the skin without settling or looking cake-y. Not only does this light-as-air formula cover and add color but they also provide treatment benefits for a one-two punch for more beautiful skin.

I was lucky enough to chat with Eric Sakas, the Co-Founder of Vapour Organic Beauty, about the brand and get his take on why you'll never go back to traditional mineral makeup. Why should we listen to Eric? Well to start, he co-founded Kevyn Aucoin Beauty with none other than Kevyn Aucoin himself and he was the former Director of Color for Philosophy cosmetics. He is pretty much one of the top industry experts on color and product formulations so he knows a thing or two about what makes an exceptional product.

I just received a big box of Vapour Organic Beauty products and I am so excited to use them! I love to wear make-up that looks fresh like it's not even there. :)

How did you get started in beauty?

I actually fell into it. My life changed in a New York minute when I met Kevyn Aucoin. We started dating and 2 weeks later I was travelling with him to Toronto to work with Liza Minnelli on a video shoot.

What was it like working with one of the greatest makeup artists of our time?

He was my biggest mentor in life. I not only learned his coveted techniques and how to develop products but I learned
so much more.. It was also a roller coaster ride watching his exciting life from the sidelines interacting with some
of the biggest celebrities of our time.

What are some values that will always stay with you that you learned working under Kevin Aucoin?

I learned that nothing is worth doing unless youre gonna give it 110%. I learned that beauty does come from within, but sometimes we need someone who believes in us to give us a jumpstart. I learned that success doesn't change a thing unless you let it.

Tell me about the line?

I've developed a revolutionary line of cosmetics called Vapour that is lighter than air, blends into the skin seemlessly and quickly and looks like beautiful healthy radiant skin. It is also comprised of certified organic botanicals which nourish and protect the skin. I've never seen anything that performs like this.

What is on trend right now?

Trends come and go, but beautiful healthy radiant looking skin is always in style.

Where did you come up with the name Vapour?

The texture is lighter than air. It becomes a beautiful second skin.

Can you explain your definition of "Beauty"?

Beauty is inside us all. All you have to do is believe that it is and then you can accesss it!

We all know going "organic" is now a key factor in staying healthy. Can you explain to some readers who may not understand this, the beneficial differences in using Vapour organic makeup over well know store brands or traditional

Skin cells and Plant cells are compatible with each other, which is the reason that Vapour is perfect for your skin. Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it. Our products are made with certified organic botanicals that are food grade, which means you can actually cook with them. Vapour is also 100% chemical free. We manufacture our own products so we control the quality.

How do we take care of our skin from the inside out?

We take care of it by not feeding it toxins. Remember that we exercise and eat healthy, why wouldn’t you want to do that for your skin too?

Can you tell us a first hand story of a experience in which you witnessed the positive impact or impression through one of your products?

I have a lot of women who wear mineral makeup. I have had a lot of them try our products and was impressed how their skin looked younger and more radiant. The product restored their youthful glow. I was told that the minerals sat in their pores and lines and actually made them look older.

Where is Vapour organic sold?

We are sold on SHOP NBC and also at our own site VapourBeauty.com.

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  1. So lucky that you got to have a chat with Eric! I have always been inspired whenever I hear Eric & Kevyn's stories. I agree with him with being 110% on what we believe in.

    By any chance, how do you like Vapour make up line? what have you tried? I purchased a sample of their soft focus foundation, I love the finish and coverage so muchhh and even the texture is really lightweight. However, it settles into my laugh lines, but I notice that I have to 'shake the product' before use so it might be the sample pot that's hard to mix.